25329 Budde Rd. Suite 903

The Woodlands Tx. 77380

25329 Budde Rd. Suite 903

The Woodlands Tx. 77380

Term Life Insurance

This type of insurance is also known as temporary insurance, as its name indicates its validity from one year, or for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. Up to 30 years, for its structure, is the most accessible life insurance in price, under which it only covers protection for when of death, whether it is due to an accident or for natural reasons of the age.

The main advantage of temporary insurance is that its rate can stay fixed from the first age of contracting until the end of the agreed term. However, it is possible to acquire this insurance under an indexed modality, meaning, to gradually increase both the sum insured and the premium so that the insurance always retains its value due to the effect of inflation.

On the other hand, this insurance can respond to the need to protect mortgage loans; under this modality, it is possible to cut the benefit or the sum insured to always respond to the unpaid balance of the mortgage obligation.

It is important to note that once the insured arrives in life at the age reached in the contract term, the insured can extend their insurance, if they wish, until 90 years of age. After that, it would be necessary to make a new subscription to the policy, and the new premium will correspond to the age of contracting.

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    Due to its ease of contracting and the options already mentioned, this insurance is desirable for customers; if you want more information, call us at 713-819-8306 or visit us at our Argentum Insurance offices at 25329 Budde Rd. Suite 903 in The Woodlands TX. 77380, we will help you design your present life goals so that you and your family have a better future, do it out of love for them.